Make Money with SEO skills

Make Money with SEO skills

When we talk about SEO it means Search Engine Optimization. What is the meaning of search engine optimization? it simply means the process of increasing the number of visitors that visits a website by ensuring it ranks high in search engine results like Google.

This skill is not an easy one because it involves lots of technicalities which makes it difficult. For you reading this post it is assumed you are already skilled because we are not here to teach you SEO but how to make money with it. Since you already got the skills but don’t know the ways to make money from it, read below to know all the ways involved.

Make money with SEO skills

SEO for Bloggers

Today, there are so many bloggers out there who need the services of an SEO expert and can’t afford top prices of SEO companies. This is where you come in, you can slash your own price and gain as many bloggers as possible.

Become a Freelancer

This is another sure way to make money. There are so many freelance websites out there like Fiverr and Upwork which you can join and offer your services. You can set the prices by yourself but make sure it is affordable for your clients.

Small Businesses

There are so many individual private businesses out there that offer goods and services to the public online. They also need their eCommerce website or whatever they offer to rank in the search engine results. This is where you come in as an expert in this field, all you have to do is use their contact us page on their website to contact them on services you can offer.

SEO Writing 

If you are good at writing then this is one of the effective ways to earn money.¬† You can offer SEO writing skills to companies and establishments and make lots of money. What do i mean by SEO writing? it’s the process of writing specific content and articles using keywords aimed at getting the attention of search engines to boost traffic to a website. When information about a product is not on the first page of search engines websites results like Google, then nobody will see it in search results when it’s in the second page.

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