8 Ways to Make Money With Your Laptop

8 Ways to Make Money With Your Laptop

A laptop is being owned by a large percentage of people and it serves different purposes just like a computer that it is, ranging from office works, storage of files, browsing the internet and much more. Some people acquire it for pleasure while others for some serious business transactions. Well, we are going to discuss how your laptop can turn into a money-making machine or a means of livelihood. Your laptop can do a lot of things that you don’t know, let’s get to see how this can be achieved.

1. Blogging: As usual, I will start with blogging, because of its one of the most popular businesses that are run through a computer. All you need is just to pay for your host and domain name, then your internet-enabled laptop does the rest. To know more about blogging kindly read my post on How To Make Money As A Blogger.

2. Web Developer/Web Designer: A web developer is a programmer who specializes in, or is specifically engaged in, the development of World Wide Web applications. Many standard or upcoming companies and ministries, in fact, all serious-minded organizations requires a website, so it’s a lucrative way to make a lot of money with just your laptop, you can learn the skill from any close ICT training office close to you. To make money from this method through online, you can visit Fiverr or Freelancer to get started.

3. Graphic Design: This is another great way to earn a living with your laptop. If you are a professional in Photoshop then your laptop can do a lot here. You can use the same websites I mentioned in the web developer category to find a job online or go to establishments to apply. Here are the subcategories under graphic design;

  • Logo Designer: Designing a logo for a website or company is lucrative.
  • Web Design: Designing of websites can be very lucrative these days.
  • Book Cover Design: This is about designing the cover of eBooks and getting paid for that.

4. Writing: We all know what writing is, well we will list the subcategories under it and see how you can make a living with your laptop from it;

  • Editor: An editor is someone who edits or makes changes to documents. Linkedin already has thousands of editing jobs for you to apply for.
  • Translation: Many international bodies deal with customers from different parts of the world, so if you know more than one language, for example, you can write and speak both English and Spanish, companies could need your services to translate some complaints or transactions for them.
  • Copywriter: According to Wikipedia, its the act of writing the text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing, or the art and science of strategically delivering words (whether written or spoken) that get people to take some form of action.

5. Sell Your Services: Most of us are skilled or professionals in one thing or the other. People come online to get solutions to their problems under education or many other areas of life. Like I stated above under Web developer, there are ways you can sell your services;

  • Fiverr: Is one of the best places to earn money with your area of expertise. All you have to do is sign up with them and create an ad for your service. People that need your services will hire you and pay up after the work has been delivered. Although Fiverr has its own commission from each money you receive. People are making a living from this.

6. Sell Your Products: This part is simple and technical, it’s all about selling things of your own either digital or physical products. There are ways you can earn from this, Let’s check it out;

  • eBook: If you have an eBook in a particular topic you can offer it for sale either through your blog or social media. If people tend to trust you, there are so much sales to make. Another means to sell it is through Amazon Kindle.
  • Through Photos: Selling your photos could fetch you some cash. There are photo stock websites you can upload your photos and earn money per download.
  • Teachers Pay Teachers: Are you a teacher? or in the educational line, you can make money by producing teaching aid materials that will assist teachers in teaching their students.

7. Make Money Through Online Survey: One of the easiest ways to earn money is through this method. It’s all about companies paying you for taking a survey of their products to enable them to use the statistics to improve their products and understand what their customers need. The survey normally takes up to 10 to 15 minutes or more. Check my post on How To Earn Much Money From Online Surveys.

8. Internet Marketing: This refers to marketing efforts that use the Web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce. There are many steps this could be accomplished and you can earn either for yourself or doing it for others and getting paid;

  • Email Marketing: Having thousands of email subscribers could do the magic for you. As some people would say, the more people that subscribed to your mailing list in your blog, the more money. A lot of sales could be driven by this method.
  • Affiliate Marketing: This is about making money through commissions you earn by selling products of people or companies. With this method your earnings are endless. The companies under this category are Clickbank, Commission Junction, Amazon Associates, ShareaSale and many others.
  • Search Engine Optimization: It’s about making websites to appear in search engines like Google and Bing. If you are an expert in this field, you can help websites rank well in search engines and earn a living from that. The first thing to do is to open a blog on that and advertise it.
  • Social media Strategist: Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites have become a traffic giant source for most websites in the world today. If you are an expert in using them, most companies are looking for your type to manage their pages.

Note: All the above-listed points are great ways to earn a living with just your laptop. But remember that it requires a lot of hard work to be successful in them. Also, visit TextBoss to make more money.

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