How Can I Make Money With My Phone

The question we are going to address in this article is “how can I make Money with my phone?” New apps and games are being released every day, and with new technology comes new opportunities. Thanks to the rise of smartphone usage, there is now a booming market for apps and games. You can check our post on how to make money with your phone as a student. There are plenty of ways to make money with your phone or tablet, but you have to know where to look. If you’re thinking about making money with your phone, there are lots of great options out there. From paid mobile apps to in-app purchases, there are lots of different ways you can make money from your devices. Read on for some ideas about how you can cash in on the mobile market.

How Can I Make Money With My Phone

Build Apps with Your Phone 


Building apps is one of the easiest ways to make money with your phone, and it’s an option that almost anyone can do. If you know how to program, you can create an app from scratch, or you can use a site like appyPie or andromo to build an app based on your idea. The good news is that you don’t need a lot of money to start building apps. All you need is a mobile phone, the two websites we listed earlier, and an internet connection. You can actually host your apps on your computer, which is a big advantage because you don’t have to worry about getting listed on app stores and dealing with updates.

Become an Influencer 


Do not underestimate the value of your smartphone. You can build your online presence in a period of time on any social media website of your choice, it just takes commitment and dedication. If you have large social media followers already, you can make money from brands by becoming an influencer. There are tons of opportunities to make money this way, but you’ll need to have a large Instagram following or a huge number of subscribers on YouTube. One way to make money as an influencer is to partner with brands. Once you’ve built up your following, you can start reaching out to brands and asking if you can represent them. For example, if you’re an Instagrammer, you could reach out to sunscreen companies and offer to post a photo of you using their sunscreen. Most brands will pay influencers to promote their products. For example, a sunscreen company might offer to pay you $500 to post a photo of you in a bathing suit and mention that you use their sunscreen.

Write and Sell an eBook 

grammarly How Can I Make Money With My Phone

Instead of wasting so much time texting, you can actually use that same energy to write a full ebook on your mobile phone. If you have something valuable to share, you can write and sell an eBook. Whether you’re an expert in cryptocurrency, gardening, or anything in between, you can write a book to make extra money with your phone. You can even write short stories and novels to make some extra cash. You can distribute your book one of two ways: You can either publish it online to make money with your words or you can publish it as a paperback book to make money with your words and your phone. You can download apps like Grammarly, Writer Plus, and Pure Writer.

Become a Video Editor 


Many people don’t know the power of smartphones especially when it comes to video editing. Yes, we can’t use mobile phones to edit movies but you can use them to edit youtube videos, video ads, and many other short videos for yourself or for clients. Before you go into this, make sure your smartphone has a high processor and a high ram for a smooth video editing experience. Mobile apps like Kinemaster, Power Director, and Capcut are the best when it comes to video editing. Please make sure you master how to use them before working for clients that need your services. Professional video editors charge high, and the PCs that can edit videos are expensive, this gives you an advantage over many others.

Earn Money With a Mobile Game or App 

Mobile app games

If you’re not a programmer and you don’t have a lot of ideas, don’t worry. There are still plenty of ways to make money with your phone. One way is to create a mobile app or game. You can make money from an app or game in a few different ways. For example, you can create a trivia app and charge users a small fee to play. Alternatively, you can create an app or game that lets people earn money by completing small tasks.

Become a Dropshipper 

aliexpress How Can I Make Money With My Phone

Here’s one of the best on the list. You don’t need to buy the products yourself and look for buyers, all you need to do is to create an eCommerce website and copy the pictures of the products from the buyer that uploaded them on his own website. Paste it into your own website and add your gain to the cost price the seller is selling it. When a visitor visits your website and makes a payment for the product, you immediately purchase from the seller and add the address of the buyer for the seller to send the goods to the buyer. Whatever duration of time the seller gives you, that’s the time you will also give the buyer on your own website. Websites you can use for this are; Aliexpress, Alibaba, eBay, and many others. You might ask this question; why can’t the buyer go directly to these popular websites and make a purchase? the truth is that many people don’t know about these websites and many people don’t trust them.

Sell Your Photos 

getty images

There are reasons why some smartphones are more expensive than others. If you have flagship smartphones that come with powerful clear cameras, then it’s a great opportunity to take photos of things around you and sell them online. You can take photos of some notable buildings, animals, and nature. Then go to websites like Adobe Stock, Alamy, Shutter Stock, Istock Photos, and Getty Images and sell them. Many people buy pictures from there to own the copyright to avoid being sued if they take random images from Google images.

Join Survey Websites


This is cool and less stressful but the truth is that the pay is not much. Also if you don’t live in some countries like the USA, Canada, and the UK, It might be a bit difficult to earn anything reasonable from online surveys. Notwithstanding, let’s see websites that offer such services. Some of them are;  Swagbucks, Opinion Outpost, LifePoints, and Branded Surveys.

Become an Online Tutor 


If you are skilled in anything that people want to learn then your smartphone can create a good source of income for you through this means. You can do this through the Zoom app when have enough students or you can register on websites that offer these services to their clients. Some of these websites that you can register and earn by tutoring people are; Tutorme, Brainfuse, Skooli, Vipkid, and many others.

How to make money from mobile apps 

Since we are on the topic of making money with your phone, let’s look at apps that could pay you. There are apps that pay you and you can also create an app to make money for yourself. Let’s begin with the latter, but this would only be a summary, not a full writeup.


You can sign up at Admob and show ads on your apps. You get paid whenever the ads show on your apps, either in video or photo format. This is the most popular method people use to earn through their apps.


This is the most lucrative method people use to earn from their apps. You just have to offer value in your app for a limited time or you offer some services free and ask your users to pay you to get the full services. This works well if you offer great services in your app.

In-app Purchases

This is usually used for gaming apps. The app user will be required to pay for some additional features to enhance their gaming experience.

Mobile apps that can pay you

There are apps that pay you for completing some tasks in them. Without wasting your time, let’s list some of them.

Receipt Hog

This is a great app and it pays you through your receipts. Let me explain, all you have to do is to upload your receipts from gas stations, restaurants, etc to the app and get rewards in form of coins per each upload. The coins can be converted to cash and transferred to your Paypal account.

Easy Shift 

Another cool app that can fill your pocket with some cash. With over 100,000 downloads on the play store, it is right to assume it to be a genuine app. This app connects you to stores near you. Launch the app, and search the map to locate where you can work. Move to the store you were directed to go to, answer questions and take photos as requested in the app, and get paid. Companies use this app to find out how their products are selling, then reward the people that do these errands for them.


For the picture maniacs, this is your time to earn some cash. Take cool pictures and upload them to this app, then sell to popular brands all over the world.

Final Words

If you have a smartphone or a tablet, you have a source of income. You just have to find the right way to tap into it. There are lots of ways to make money with your phone, and it’s a great way to make some extra money while you’re on the go. And it’s easy to get started, too. If you’re looking to make money with your phone, there are tons of options out there. From building apps to creating games, there are lots of different ways you can cash in on the mobile market.


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