How to Make Money Daily On Facebook


Facebook is the most popular social networking website in the world with over a billion registered members in its database, making it a nice place to make much money and market your stuff. One thing people don’t know about Facebook is that they think its a place you build relationships with friends only, although that’s what the website is all about, the owner Mark Zuckerberg built it for business and today he’s worth billions of dollars. The good news is that you too can achieve this, you may not worth billions like him but you can make a living out of it. Earning from Facebook is a nice thing to try out. Some people have used Facebook to make a living for themselves while you only visit there to read people’s status and comment on it. Here, we will discuss several ways you can earn from this wonderful social networking website, you don’t have to rush it, remember it’s about building relationships, so we will take it gradually and step by step. Let’s kick it off;

How to Make Money Daily On Facebook

1. You need a nice profile: profile is your identification here, it depicts how people see you and what they think about you. The profile is where your business begins with on Facebook, so you need a nice profile picture for a start and make sure to create a nice relationship with your friends. In the About You page, write about your occupation.

2. Posting your status: Your posts should be about your business and the type of things you do for a living. This you have to do consistently to create trust. For example, I am a web designer, if you need or know someone who wants a personal website or company website contact me.

3. Watch what your friends love: If you are a sales representative for a company that is into cars, and one of your friends loves cars, you can send him a message attaching the pictures of cars you sell or post it as a status and tag him, who knows, he might want to get one.

4. Grow your friends: Add friends up, but please don’t overdo it, cause Facebook will definitely block you with time. Growing your friends to a maximum of 5000 means a lot of business for you.

How to make money on Facebook by posting links

Before you post links on Facebook it means you already have a blog or you are an affiliate marketer.

Bloggers: Making money through this process is nice because as a blogger, you earn more as your visitors grow, that is if your blog is monetized. So sharing your post links could increase your visitors.

Affiliate Marketers: As an affiliate marketer, there are chances that you could get a buyer through the affiliate link you shared on Facebook.

How to make money from Facebook Fan Page Likes

1. Create a Facebook Fan Page: This is the first step in this process. Creating a Facebook fan page is easy, you can use this link to get started

2. Content of Your Facebook Page: The content of your page determines what your page can do for your fans. Getting Likes is not that easy, although you can speed things up by sponsoring your page with some few dollars. Make sure to post things that your fans love and things related to what your page is talking about. Facebook pages work by engagements, so the more people that likes, comments and shares your posts the more your page grows.

3. Create a blog or website: you need to create a website or blog, most times people use the same page name as their website URL, that’s the best practice though. Don’t always post links of your blog content to your page, make sure to always add write-ups. Sharing the links will definitely increase your website visitors which in turn increases your earnings.

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4. Earn through your posts: Here’s the final point, if you have much facebook likes and don’t want to stress yourself going into creating a blog, you can sell posts to people. It sounds confusing, right? but its simple, just contact bloggers and be sharing their links on your page and earn from there. Another method is to register with ShopSomething, but make sure you have a minimum of 1000 Likes.

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