How to make money with your Mobile Phone

How to make money with your Mobile Phone
Can your mobile phone fetch you some money? Yes, it sure can. But you have to know the secrets on how to do this. Today’s mobile phones do some things almost like your PC, unlike those days we use tiny screen mobile phones with little memory and RAM. You don’t need to own a PC to do this, is simple, all you need is an android, iPhone or Blackberry phones, that’s all. Here are the ways you can do this:

1. Write a review: you can write a review about some products and email it to some companies to get paid, or you can write an article and email it to top bloggers who need more content for their blog.

2. You can use your phone in referral programs: all you have to do is copy your referral link from the company you registered with and paste it in your social media accounts and put up a little write up then post it as a status to your friends or followers. Once they click on them and perform the action your referral company wants them to perform you get paid.

3. You can earn through affiliate marketing: Just like the previous one we talked about concerning referral program, but here the difference is that you only earn when the visitor you referred buys the product.

4. Through your pictures: sure you can earn through the pictures you take with your phone, but here I advise the user have a high-quality camera smartphone that have up to 8mega pixel at least before you engage in this, for more information about earning through this method go to HOW TO Earn with your photographs.

5. Blog: it’s sure possible you can use your phone in blogging if you don’t have a PC, but I recommend phones with larger screen size. For information about making money through blogging go to HOW to make money through blogging.

Mobile Free Apps That Pays

Are you an Android user? if yes, there are android apps that pays you by doing few tasks for them, although your country might not be supported, but you can check them out.

1. Inbox Dollars: Search for this great app in Google play store, once downloaded you earn $5 as a new member bonus. You earn through this app simply by playing games, once you reach $30 you can get your payout through check.

2. User Testing: This is one of the simplest apps you can earn from. Apps are being tested before they are released officially, all you have to do is to register with to be among the people that test apps and your journey to earning begins. They pay through paypal.

3. Cash Pirate: Simply download this app and earn by watching videos, playing games and taking surveys. They pay through paypal.

4. Daily Money: They pay when you download their app and install free sponsored apps and watch videos.

Other Apps you may want to check out are:





i-Say Mobile

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